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therapy for new parents' emotional wellbeing

Specializing in perinatal mental health:

postpartum depression & anxiety

infertility & loss

adjustment to and through parenthood

individual therapy and groups

Teletherapy throughout Pennsylvania & Maryland

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Hello! I'm glad you're here.

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I’m Megan Furman, a licensed counselor in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  I’m passionate about supporting parents at all stages (hopeful, expectant, new, and seasoned) on your journey to and through parenthood, and helping you create lives of balance, connection, and joy. 


Parenthood can be HARD, and many new parents struggle but don’t seek help or don’t get the right help.  I want to provide moms, dads, birthing people, and non-birthing parents a safe space to express and process the joys, the sorrows, and everything in between, and offer support, hope, and practical tools to help you navigate the paradoxes of parenthood.


Our identity often shifts with different phases of life, but possibly none as drastic as the transition into becoming a parent.  Some approach this with excitement, some with apprehension, and the transformation that takes place, while often scary and exhausting, can be beautiful.  Often parents struggle through this, and I’d love to help ease some of that burden by walking with you to create a life that allows space for the good stuff along with the messy stuff.



If you’re struggling with mood or anxiety after welcoming a child:


I provide support, tools, and resources to guide you on your path towards wellness, balance, and connection.


If you’re wondering, “What have I gotten myself into?”:


I help you navigate the incorporation of this additional piece of your identity into your life.


If you’ve experienced the loss of a baby or the loss of a hope or expectation:


I create space for your grief and offer support in processing difficult feelings.


Individual Therapy


Moms Who Struggle with Perfectionism

& Feeling "Not Good Enough":

A Virtual 6-Week Group

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